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Swirls and lines on engine spinners. They look cool on a spinning engine, but do they have a higher purpose? Engine and aircraft manufacturers have been painting spinners with the catchy swirls for decades.

Spinner spirals and swirls come in a several styles. Different airlines seem to prefer certain designs. I named a few of the styles in the slideshow below. The design resembles the meteorological symbol for a hurricane or typhoon.

To my knowledge, Philippine Airlines is the only carrier that uses this design. The reason for painting designs on engine spinners is for the safety of ground personnel. Working near a running jet engine is extraordinarily dangerous. When the engine is above idle thrust, the hazard zone increases to 14 feet or more. Engines on larger jets, like the have much larger hazard zones. It is absolutely critical that ground crews can identify a running engine and stay away from it.

Aircraft engine spirals make it easy to identify a running engine. A quick glance is all it takes. The big fan blades in the front of an engine can spin backwards in windy conditions before it is started.

Maintenance technicians can watch the markings during engine start to determine the direction of the large fan disk. Newer engines take care of this sort of thing by themselves. At high RPM, the markings are more of a blur than an optical illusion.

Lighting conditions and viewing angle would have to be perfect for an enemy pilot to see any spinner markings. While many allied aircraft had painted propeller tips, the Germans painted their spinners. The purpose for the markings in World War 2 was the same as now: safety of ground personnel.

Birds and aircraft engines are a bad combination. For years, it has been speculated that spinner spirals might startle or frighten birds away from engines during taxi, takeoff, and landing. A few studies on the effectiveness of spinner spirals for deterring bird impacts have been done.

Engine Starting & A WWII Legend

None of them come to an overwhelming conclusion one way or the other. One study, by the University of Oslo , was conducted on a very small scale with inconclusive results. Interesting stuff!

Engineers at Boeing have taken the position that engine spinner spirals do not reduce bird strikes. A representative from engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce in Derby, UK was nice enough to contact me about this issue. He stated:. The nose cone both in terms of strength and angle is designed to reduced bird impact damage to the engine and reduce ice build-up. The spirals are there as a warning to ground crew when taxiing… In flight, the spirals could not be seen by birds as the rotation of the engine would be too fast.

Not every jet engine has spinner markings. The Embraer E-Jets , , , have naked spinners. A few Boeing , Dreamliners and aircraft have been spotted without the swirls.

Manufacturers and operators are questioning the value of the markings. Line maintenance engineers that I have spoken with are quite vocal about the safety benefits of the markings and are disappointed many engines are now spinning naked.

Regardless of their value as a safety enhancement or bird repellent, the spinning swirls are part of aviation history and tradition. Have you seen airliners without the markings?

Feel free to post links to pictures of unusual spinner markings in the comments! Bonus points to whoever can find a photo of an ANA engine with an eye painted on it! I emailed it to myself after reading your article, but forgot about it.

Thanks Amanda.

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Thanks for the information Ken. GE engines run anticlockwise. And the angle of the fan blades would mean air is blowing out the front.

NIMS Recommended Standard List

Very perceptive! I shot the video on a breezy day when the wind was blowing into the rear of the engine and spinning the N1 section backwards. So air really was blowing out the front of the engine. Btw, would like a Hello Kitty or your photograph marked on your spinner?

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You can ask us. Hahhaaaa… To be honest, we can do it for you. Thanks for the update!

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Spinner Spirals Are Attention Getters

Thanks for digging that up! Hi Marcel, Thanks for the links. Hello Kitty spinners would be fun. Very interesing post!! Hi Marc, Thanks for the links. Thanks for reading, Ken.

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Thanks for the info now i know the purpose of the spinner spirals. PAL uses the typhoon or in our language bagyo. Say something!

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